About me

Currently, I am a second year ScM student at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health where my advisors are Dr. Cynthia L. Sears and Dr. Stephanie Hicks. My interest is in how tumorigenic bacteria induce colorectal cancer (CRC). I am curious about their tumorigenic mechanisms, host immune defenses against them and their interactions with other species in our microbiota. My current research focuses on the genetic basis of host-microbe interactions and aims to decode the bacterial communications by experimentally extracting and analyzing single-cell and bulk RNAseq data from CRC cancer patients and mouse models.

Previously, I received my bachelor of arts in International Affairs and bachelor of science in molecular cellular biology from the George Washington University where I worked in Dr. Xiaoyan Zheng’s lab and studied novel tumor suppresors in NSCLC. Paper


I am an avid transportation enthusiast since age = 0! I hold a pilot license, a boat license, and driving license of motorcycle and of course, four-wheel cars. My near-term goal is to get a city bus operating endorsement (in China, it’s the A3 permit). I have been a part of the ATC team at VATSIM PRC Division for 10 years.

In an American Airlines MD-83 cockpit, on the last day of AA’s Mad-dog operations